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Janice Marie Collins, Ph.D.


For Media Consulting, Speaking Invitations, Freelance or Active Centralized Empowerment Services, you may also write to me at

Active Centralized Empowerment

Speaking Fees List:  

1 Hour Presentation                                    $3000                                 

1/2 Hour Presentation                                $1500

Interactive Workshop on Active Centralized Empowerment

Pedagogical  1 Hour                                   $5500

                        2 Hours                                 $7500

Interactive Community/Group Focused          

                        1 Hour                                   $5500

                        2 Hours                                 $7500

Faculty Development Consulting - call 1-(877) 644-7844 for Quotes or Email me!



Websites of Inclusion

Janice Marie Collins, Ph.D. 

Journalist,  Digital Content Creator, Documentarian,  Inclusive Instructional Specialist,   Educator,  Scholar,  Researcher, Creative, Motivational Speaker & Humanitarian 

for  Social/Global/Professional & Personal  Impact of Positive Inclusion & Empowerment.