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Co-Author, First Place in Top Faculty Paper Competition at BEA 2014

"Diversity from Duopolies?: An Exploratory Analysis of Broadcast News Content in Small Television Markets with Virtual Duopolies."


Abstract: Many millennials are unaware that broadcast news is still the preeminent source of news programming for Americans nationwide. Meanwhile, the public at large is largely unaware of the ways in which different stations share content with each other. "Diversity from Duopolies: An Exploratory Analysis of Broadcast News Content in Small Television Markets with Virtual Duopolies," seeks to shed light on the often uncovered phenomenon of shared service agreements in American Television markets.

Solo-Author, First Place in Top Faculty Paper Competition at BEA 2015

"From the Classroom to the Newsroom: Are we training them to be Leaders?" 


Published article from this research in the Journalism & Mass Communication Educator Journal titled, "Leadership development in college newsroom labs: It is Transactional,

Abstract: While men ease their ways into positions of authority, the number of women holding top-level leadership positions in media is declining. This study sought to explore how the professional socialization process found in college newsroom labs contributes to the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of female leadership development. Mixed methodology results revealed that both, male and female, students were more comfortable using Transactional leadership skills, developed codependent relationships among their peers, and avoided confrontation and strong leadership opportunities. To better prepare women for top-level positions and feeling comfortable with the power it possesses, a restructuring of the pedagogy is warranted.

Academic Research Papers

Creative Endeavor Integration

Digital, Multimedia and Broadcast Television PROJECTS __

"A Taste of Gullah: A Web Series from Down South"
"A Taste of Gullah"  the Television Program

This Web-Series and television focused sought to de-marginalize and empower the voice and stories and American History of the Gullah Geechee people and their culture. The television program was screened and won "Best Documentary" at the Garifuna International Indigenous Film Festival in Venice, California.  

Speaking Engagement

Watch Webisodes 2 and 9

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Receiving Award for "Best Documentary" at the Garifuna Indigenous International Film Festival, Venice, California

"Journey to My Mother's Land: Extending the Gates' Effect into Africa"     Television  7-Part Documentary Series

Selected Clip: Episode 1

Selected Clip: Episode 7

Selected Media Stories On Documentary

Selected Podcast:

"Theoretical Tea and Company"

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Journalist,  Digital Content Creator, Documentarian,  DEBI-P  Instructional Specialist,   Educator,  Scholar,  Researcher, Creative, Director, NIL Advisor, Motivational Speaker & Humanitarian   for  Social/Global/Professional & Personal  Impact of Positive Inclusion & Empowerment.

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Janice Marie Collins, Ph.D. 

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