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     In addition to being a Praxis and Active Theory, Active Centralized Empowerment (A.C.E.) is a Critical Pedagogy developed by Collins that demonstrates how to engage in what she calls, "Teaching without Borders." Some of the results from using A.C.E. in the classroom include raised self-esteem and confidence performance of students, effective and respectful collaboration, the award winning website, and specialized, student produced broadcast television programs on Marginalized and controversial topics such as, the Right to Protest and Sexual Assault that can be viewed from this YouTube Playlist. A.C.E. is a methodology to "Teach without Borders" because it allows the voices, talents and skills of each student to be optimized in collaborative settings from the core and provides movement from the margins. Freedom is not granted, rather, students engage in Freedom through self-agency and self-empowerment. You can read what other students are saying about the Active Centralized Empowerment experience by reading their reflections on the class’ blog website called Off the Shelf and Online


     Active Centralized Empowerment (A.C.E.) is a groundbreaking, game-changing paradigm and module that has the potential to change all of America. Collins proposes that A.C.E. has the potential to change how you view yourself, consequently, how Others view and interact with you as well. This paradigm is different because it dictates freedom movement to the core of power by individuals and aggregates who find themselves on the margins. This process occurs as direct attention addresses the Systems of Tangible Oppression and Ideological Apparatus of Oppression, simultaneously. This includes, for example, professors who feel marginalized because Technology has appeared to take over, or women who feel oppressed, or anyone of any race, ethnicity, socioeconomic level, or sexual orientation who simply feel powerless. A.C.E.’s design is holistic in nature using analyses of research data of mixed methodologies with a central focus that covers themes of physical, structural, and social-psychological processes on a meta-cognitive level. Collins' arguments take into consideration Critical Race Theory, the Framing Theory, Hegemony, Cooley’s Looking Glass Self, Situated Knowledge and Self, location and construct of Self, Dr. Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence and the demographics of Message Designers. Special attention is also given to real-life experience that provides an Existentialist argument and perspective. This, being heuristic in its approach, allows students to focus more on their experiences and the process in the classroom, rather than the "grade."

















For a full list of my Public Engagements, nationally and internationally, please refer to my CV, as there are too many to list here. Thank you. 

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