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Below, you will find examples of how my research and creative endeavors connect in empowering ways that are actively centralized

Some of the results from using A.C.E. in the classroom include the award winning website, and specialized, student produced broadcast television programs on Marginalized and controversial topics such as, the Right to Protest and Sexual Assault viewed on this YouTube Playlist. The Key to Active Centralized Empowerment is to focus on what makes you Special, unique, that you can bring into existence and focus on the SYSTEMS of OPPRESSION instead of blaming, solely, an individual. It is a Belief and Performance module that truly exercises the power, development and transformational change from Victim to Victor by De-Marginalizing oneself through Self-Empowerment. It is a way to center oneself. To be Actively Centralized is to participate, be included and Empowered. In other words, Active Centralized Empowerment allows an individual to be - who they are and want to be as well as to freely choose a specific direction that will lead to balance and fairness that is closer to their "Authentic Self." This also means that counterproductive performances such as "Bullying" is not allowed, but, is, instead, effectively addressed as I stated in "Beyond Bullying: Not Just a School Problem" on my Podcast Page. I submit that Active Centralized Empowerment assists in breaking down Systems that have so many of us enslaved. As we work together, for the common good of ALL people, successfully dismantling counterproductive/oppressive Systems that hinder us from living up to our highest potential, we can begin to build a stronger and more peaceful world where EVERYONE can flourish. "Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another"-Toni Morrison, Beloved. I call it the sweet spot of FREEDOM! 

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Journalist,  Digital Content Creator, Documentarian,  Inclusive Instructional Specialist,   Educator,  Scholar,  Researcher, Creative, Motivational Speaker

Janice Marie Collins, Ph.D. 

Multi-International and National Award Winning Journalist, Documentarian, Multimedia Creative, Scholar, Researcher, Professor and Motivational Speaker for Social, Global, Professional, and Personal Impact of Positive Inclusion and Empowerment.  


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